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Help with your Debt Problems could be just a minute away

Buy yourself some time and re-organise your finances and get some Debt Advice!

It is usually very stressful when you find yourself heavily in debt, often through no fault of your own. Finding solutions to debt problems can be difficult, especially when you’re so deep in debt that creditors are constantly phoning and bailiffs are threatening to visit.

Credit cards, store cards, overdrafts and loans – they can soon spiral out of control; often due to a change in your personal circumstances such as illness, redundancy, or another unforseen event.

You will be happy to discover that there are many solutions to debt, and we can buy you some time to re-organise your finances.

Debt worries can occur for a vast number of reasons divorce or breakdown of a relationship, gambling, children and newborn babies, illness and health problems are just some of the reasons. These issues need short term debt advice in most instances however, sometimes quite specific issues arrive needing specialist debt advice such as car leasing contracts. Sometimes the issue is one we all face at times where our earnings decreases however, outgoings stay the same.

The very first question people ask is, WHAT IS THE COST? Well ALL initial advice is FREE, your costs are reduced greatly in nearly all instances and out of your considerably lower repayments a fee is taken. Because of the way it works this is the CHEAPEST solution.

There are a variety of debt solutions ranging from an IVA, to debt orders and bankruptcy, if you have a payday loan we offer immediate advice, reducing debt by up to 80% and you can simply “click” to get help.

Credit cards and unpaid bills are also concerns for those in Swansea seeking debt advice. There are controls on interest rates but payday lenders make loans of several hundred pounds for a matter of weeks, and interest rates that can work to be in excess of the original loan very quickly.